CARVE: a summary of demos at the end of the project


This list summarizes the demos which show the work done in the ITP CARVE:

Video demonstrating YARP-SmartSoft integration:

Video demonstrating static analysis of a correct BT with NuSMV:

Video demonstrating static analysis of an incorrect BT with NuSMV:

Videos demonstrating execution and runtime monitors for scenario 1 and scenario 2 in simulation:,

Videos demonstrating scenario 1-3 on the real robot:

Runtime monitors detect when a skill becomes irresponsive (simulation):

Runtime monitors detect unexpected behavior in the environment (real robot):


Great! Thank you very much for this summary. I have added this summary to the RobMoSys Wiki for your ITP.


Nice! Is the CARVE software available somewhere? Thanks


The BT engine, code for YARP smartsoft integration is available on github:

some of the components for 3D object modelling, object recognition and navigation are instead here: