Demonstration: Dealing with Metrics on Non-Functional Properties in RobMoSys (RoQME ITP)

Dear RobMoSys community,

have a look at recent developments of the RoQME ITP:

This video illustrates a typical intralogistics scenario. In this scenario the robot receives boxes from given stations and delivers them to different stations. The setting is equipped with a sensor detecting when a person enters or exits the robot working area. The video illustrates how the RoQME approach can provide metrics on non-functional properties such as safety or performance.

The demonstration focuses on the run-time aspects of RoQME as you will see RoQME in action. The design-time part of RoQME and how RoQME will be presented to the user through tooling will be covered in an update to this demonstration.

For more information see:

Many thanks to the RoQME team who stayed a week in Ulm to get this demonstration with the RobMoSys intralogistics 4.0 fleet pilot done.


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