RobMoSys (meta)*model changes / incubator?

Hi there,

now that the ITPs for the 2nd call are starting, I would like to get a better grasp on how ITPs can contribute to the RobMoSys models and (meta)+models.
To phrase it differently: How do I do a pull request on RobMoSys (meta)*models? I think you mentioned some kind of incubation/incubator during the kick-off. Is there a documentation on where to find and how to use it? Maybe members from 1st call ITPS can also share there experience on how they did it?

I don’t have a concrete change in the pipeline, yet, but I understand that you expect ITPs to eventually contribute them.



Hi Arne,

at this very moment, the RobMoSys wiki is publicly read only.
The reasons for this is to be able keep all the pages as much as consistent as possible, which won’t be trivial to handle otherwise: moderating takes efforts if everyone is able to push changes directly.

However, this doesn’t mean there is no way to contribute, on contrary! :grinning:

For new content:

  • you can forward your content to your ITP coach, who will promptly place the content on the wiki page. Such content will be initially labelled as “incubator”, which basically means work-in-progress, and all the content will be discussed with your coach and the RobMoSys community. Incubator pages are public as well, so anyone can contribute to the discussion;
    Contact your ITP coach to agree on the most agile form to do this;
  • to enhance community visibility, we encourage you to discuss the single page on discourse, such that not only the coach, but all ITPs and core members can contribute to the discussion. To this end, open a new topic on discourse, with topic name on the same line of the new content page title;
  • once the content is stable enough, the incubator page will go away, prior to approval content of the technical coordinator (this, again, to ensure consistency)

For existing content:

  • on discourse, open a topic related one (or more) points you would like to change, and quickly explains the rationale;
  • if the discussion gets too complex to be handled remotely, a telco can be organised with all people involved to ease the discussion. The conclusions will be reported on discourse, such that everyone is up-to-date;
  • once the changes have been agreed, the page will be updated by core-consortium members accordingly.

I hope this answers to your question: a concrete pipeline has been discussed, maybe @dstampfer and @lmartinez can give you more info (or correct mine, if not complete).


Thanks, Enea, for your quick and detailed response! This is a lot clearer to me now.
If there is indeed an even concreter pipeline, this would also be interesting, but I can already go with what you described. Thanks!

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in addition to Enea’s comments (which are correct): it is a good idea to approach your coach or discourse with a rationale/abstract of your changes. From that point, it is far easier to decide on the right approach, as it very much depends on the granularity and impact of the changes/additions. We are currently discussing a concrete pipeline, but for the time being, please continue as described.

An example of “incubator” page, can be found here:

Actually, creating such a pipeline is part of the RobMoSys movement in general: to also come up with organisational structures and processes that enable the technical structures to evolve. The ITPs are a chance to ramp up the pipeline as they are the first ones to use it.