[RoQME] The RoQME Tool Chain now available in GitHub


Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that the RoQME Tool Chain is now publically available in GitHub at: https://github.com/roqme/robmosys-roqme-itp.

RoQME is released as a free and open source Eclipse plug-in for the SmartMDSD Tool Chain. Instructions on how to intall and use RoQME can be found in the /docs folder. Additionally, two videos illustrating how to install the required software and how to create and compile a RoQME project are also available in the RoQME YouTube channel at: https://youtu.be/iurFblG7XtM and https://youtu.be/gFZyDYMYBtk, respectively.

Additional material related with the technical demonstration realized by the RoQME team and the Ulm University of Applied Sciences, illustrating the methods and tools provided by RoQME in the context of the RobMoSys intralogistics use-case/pilot scenario can be found at: https://robmosys.eu/wiki/community:roqme-intralog-scenario:start.

Best regards,

The RoQME Team