SmartMDSD Toolchain v3.8 released and Open Call 2 reading guide to the RobMoSys Wiki


Dear all,

we have published a reading guide that will help you to find your way in the wiki for the second open call:

We have released the SmartMDSD Toolchain v3.8. It contains:

Check the changelog:


Thanks for all the materials. I’m trying the tutorial ROS1 Mixed-port-components, but I am stuck just at the beginning.

I have only installed the runtime version of SmartMDSD

How do I get the departing model of the ComponentRosJoystick ?

I am trying to create it from scratch, but when trying to add the port seems like some elements are missing in my installation, or I did not configure something properly, because in the wizard there are no options to select a CommunitationServiceDefinition when creating the port (see attached image)

I hope you can help me.



thank you for trying out the SmartMDSD Toolchain. At the moment, we do not provide graphical modeling for ROS-Mixed-Port components. This is going to be available soon.

Your question seems related to the standard modeling of a software component. It is not specific to ROS-Mixed-Port components. You can find a video how to model a component here:

From your screenshot, you are probably missing a reference to a domain project that holds service definitions. Did you import any domain model using the palette? This creates a reference to a domain model project. See how you can do this in the mentioned video at 1:52 Once you created the reference to the project, you can use the service definitions of this project.

(The tutorial uses the JoystickService. It is included in CommBasicObjects domain model.)



Thank you very much @dstampfer, was skipping quite some important steps from previous tutorials. I was missing all the domain models.